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Exterior Doors

Free exterior door replacement and repair quotes

Is your front door sagging on its hinges? Is your glass patio door scratched and chipped and in need of repair? Exterior Doors are easily repaired and replaced and won't cost a fortune. Need to install a new door but not sure how to do it? We can help you find the best exterior doors at the most affordable prices so you don't have to live with damaged doors that put both you and your family at risk.
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Exterior doors provide security and privacy, keeping your family safe while helping to maintain an energy efficient home. A damaged exterior should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. With our access to a network of exterior door specialists, we guarantee to find the right team for your project at a price to suit your budget.
Obligation-free quotes means there's never any risk, or commitment necessary on your part. You can use our free service to simply enquire about the cheapest prices for your work.

New Door Installation

Professional exterior door installation is essential. Even if you've already bought the doors, don't be tempted to DIY an installation as badly fitted doors could compromise your home's security and energy efficiency. New door installation requires the removal of the old door. Most companies will dispose of the old door for you if you wish. Before a new door can be installed, the existing door frame needs to be intact or repair work will be required prior to the installation.

Exterior Door Repair

Exterior doors are susceptible to damage, particularly in severe weather. Certain types of doors are prone to rot, damp and warping while others are prone to scratches, dents and cracks. Living with a damaged door of any kind can compromise the security of your home. Exterior door repair should be conducted as soon as possible once you've identified the problem. DIY repairs are not recommended, especially in the case of serious conditions such as damp and rot.

Types of Doors

Exterior doors are prone to the elements, exposed to a variety of weather conditions. The best materials for exterior doors are those resilient to weather exposure. Fiberglass is a good option as these doors can be custom stained and textured to look like wood while being far more resilient than wood itself. Wood doors are also an option but be sure to choose a hardy type of tree with a good finish to prevent rot and damp. Glass doors, particularly sliding doors, are also a popular choice providing a more open, airy feel ideal for living rooms and patios.

Average Exterior Door Costs

The size and style of exterior doors will affect the price. The larger the door and more complex the customized the design, the higher the price is likely to be. The number of doors can also affect the price so be sure to ask for discounts on multiple door installations. Certain materials are also more expensive not only to install, but also to maintain. Be sure to choose an exterior door that is long lasting requiring low maintenance. Exterior doors should ideally contribute to the energy efficiency of your home saving you on utility costs.

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Don't live with damaged or dilapidated exterior doors, compromising the security, energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your door problems and we'll take care of the rest. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today for affordable exterior doors.
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