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Home Energy Audit

See how much you can save on your bills

Are you forking out hundreds of dollars a month or more on energy bills? Battling to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer? A Home Energy Audit just might solve these problems and more. Considering an energy audit but not sure where to start? We can help you find the most reliable and affordable home energy audit professionals in your area.
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The energy efficiency of a home is becoming increasingly important. An energy efficient home not only saves you a lot of money on energy bills, but it's also much kinder on the environment. The age and size of the house can affect the building's energy efficiency. Following a home energy audit, you'll know exactly what needs to be changed to improve your home's energy efficiency.
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What is a Home Energy Audit?

This is a service provided by public utilities companies and the State energy office. A home energy audit inspects your home, analyzing the flow of energy and how this affects energy conservation in the building. The goal of this survey is reduce the amount of energy required to produce the desired effect such as heating or cooling. A home energy audit can help reduce your energy consumption while increasingly your level of comfort.

Why Have a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is recommended for anyone living in an old home, for those wishing to reduce their monthly energy expenses, and for those who would like to reduce their energy consumption for environmental reasons. An energy audit could end up saving you money while improving the comfort of your home. Energy audits are also recommended prior to moving in to a new home or moving out as the energy efficiency of the house can affect the property value.

What the Audit Involves

Professional home energy audits will involve an inspection of your home and survey of the energy flow within the building. The audit may also require your energy bill history and even a personal interview to better understand your energy usage. Advanced technology allows for the use of thermal models to accurately assess the energy efficiency of the home given its age and location in terms of climatic conditions. The audit shouldn't take too long to complete, with minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Average Costs of Home Energy Audits

Energy audits are definitely worth the initial cost of the inspection. Be improving the energy efficiency of your home, you could end up saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in utilities while improving the comfort level of your home. The size of your home and the time required to conduct a complete analysis will affect the price of the service. DIY audits are not recommended as incomplete or inaccurate energy audits could end up costing you even more in monthly energy bills.

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Don't sit shivering indoors despite the heat being turned up or swelter through summers trying to save on energy bills. Take a minute to fill in our online form, detailing your energy issues and we'll handle the rest. A home energy audit could end up saving you a lot of money and improve the living conditions in your home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and start living in greater comfort for less.
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