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Want to build home additions or renovate an old building? Need a professional survey of property before you commit to buying? Structural engineers can assist you on a variety of construction related issues from the basic design and conception, to structural surveys, foundation inspections and refurbishments. We can find you the best structural engineering services at the lowest prices.
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Want to restore a vintage home or design a chic and energy efficient office complex? Structural engineers can help you every step of the way, from blue print to building permit acquisition to construction and aesthetics. About to start renovations but can't due to rising damp or subsidence? Need to settle a dispute involving construction law? You just mind need the expertise of a structural engineer.
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Types of Engineers

There are many titles used by engineering professionals. This can become overwhelming, especially when you're not sure which engineering skills your project might benefit from the most. Some commercial projects may require a civil engineer who deals with project layouts, locations, parking lots, utility connections and more. Structural engineers are specialized civil engineers who deal with all elements of building construction. For home renovations or building-specific commercial construction, you'll need a structural engineer.

Design and Construction

engineers for design and constructionWhether you're considering a smaller residential refurbishment or large scale commercial construction, no job is too big or too small to benefit from a consultation with a structural engineer. You can get advice from structural engineers regardless of where you are in the process of construction. From drawing up the plans to laying the foundations and tiling the roof, structural engineers have expertise required to help you realize your construction dreams.

HVAC Installation

The installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning is no small undertaking. You'll need professional guidance when it comes to designing home additions or office renovations as this type of construction may affect the integrity and efficiency of the existing HVAC systems. Structural engineers familiar with these systems will be able to help you work around these utilities, providing you with a great design that doesn't compromise the HVAC of your building.
Health and safety should always be a top priority on any construction site. Want to ensure your site meets local health and safety standards? A structural engineer will be able to maintain health and safety regulations on site. In the case of renovations, consider having a structural engineer survey the building before you send your workers into a potential hazardous situation.

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